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# How to enter Mongolia?

Most visitors arrive in Mongolia by train or plane. The only international airport of Mongolia is located just 18 km southwest of Ulaanbaatar, the capital city. Flights run all year round through the following aviation companies along the following routes: National carrier MIAT Mongolia: Ulaanbaatar-Berlin Ulaanbaatar-Moscow, Ulaanbaatar-Beijing, Ulaanbaatar-Seoul-Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar-Osaka, Ulaanbaatar-Hong Kong. Air China: Ulaanbaatar-Beijing, Ulaanbaatar-Shanghai, Ulaanbaatar-Singapore. Korean Air: Ulaanbaatar-Seoul.

# What is the best time to travel to Mongolia?

From 1st of May to the 15th of September is best time to visit Mongolia. May is a little bit windy, but the foliage is by now turning green and animals graze peacefully with their young, a sure sign that the Mongolians have successfully passed another cold winter. June, July and August form the high season for tourism. The Mongolians celebrate their Naadam festival (the most famous traditional holiday and a renowned tourist attraction) on July 11-13th, so hotels, tourist camps, international flights and trains are all fully booked. If you wish to partake in the festivities, be sure to book your trip as early as possible. July and the beginning of August are hot, but enjoyable. In September and October you will enjoy nice sunny days and beautiful autumn colours, but it can be cool at night. In March and April, nomads welcome the newborn baby animals. The Mongolian winter are cold, but not as extreme as generally portrayed by the Western media-To see which special events take place, take a look at the "events" page on this website

# Is Mongolia a safe destination to travel?

Mongolia is a very safe travel destination. In the bigger cities, particularly in Ulaanbaatar pickpockets in the crowded areas, bag snatching and robbery at night are the main dangers. Fortunately, there is no religious or political turmoil and no serious crimes against tourists have been registered. However, we do recommend that you avoid going out alone at night in Ulaanbaatar. In the countryside, most of the people are friendly, hospitable and helpful.

Is Mongolia a good place to travel with kids?

Kids should at least be 3 years old. Weather conditions, bumpy roads, standard meals (mostly meat) and sanitary facilities are not ideal for very young children.

# Do I need travel insurance?

We recommend you to take travel insurance prior to your travel in case of tour cancellation, injury, illness and loss of personal possessions or money.

# Can I use credit card?

You can use credit cards in the larger shopping centers and hotels in Ulaanbaatar. In the countryside, USD and Euros can be exchanged in banks (low rate) and are accepted in some touristic service organizations. It is wise to exchange some money before leaving Ulaanbaatar.

# What are the most spoken languages in Mongolia?

Most Mongolians older than 35-40 years speak in Russian as they were taught it at secondary school. Younger generations speak in English. The official language is Mongolian. Some people speak in Japanese, French, Korean and German.

# How to avoid and treat the high altitude sickness?

# Are there medical services available?

Visitors to Mongolia should be in good health condition and able to engage in a reasonable amount of physical activities. Medical services are only available in provincial centers, towns and soum (administrative unit) centers. Be sure to bring an adequate supply of any prescription medication you are on tour. Diarrhea and altitude sickness are common for travelers to Mongolia.

# What are the norms if I contact with the Mongoliaans?

You will find Mongoliaan people very kind and friendly, you can feel free to talk with them. Do not go around photographing the people, ask first, show some respect. Buy some local products and encourage them, they are cheaper. Don't talk the sensitive topics like the political and the religion things!

# What should I keep in mind when I contact with the Mongoliaans?

# How much should I tip?

Tipping is not a custom in China, thus in Mongolia. However, as the tourism develops, tour guides, drivers, and hotel staff do expect tips. If the service is satisfactory, a few dollars to the guide and the driver will be appreciated. While in restaurants and taxis, tips are not necessary.

# What should I do with Mongoliaan beggars?

Religious beggars are an accepted part of society in Mongolia. Giving money or food to a pilgrim is considered an act of merit. Donations of five fen to two jiao(Chinese currency) are appropriate. Please note: if the beggars are the old men and women who dress in shredded, bulky clothes, while the younger ones may have a monkey on a chain, it is a spectacle of great interest to the Mongoliaans. These beggars are professionals, having less meritorious intentions than religious pilgrims. Just wave them off as the locals do if you don't want give anything.

# Do the travelers need to ask the permissions before taking the photos of Mongoliaans?

It is always good to ask permission first. Mongoliaans are very friendly. However, it might arouse the upset feelings of local Mongoliaans by photo-taking without asking the permission first.

# What are the commonly used phone numbers for emergency in Mongolia?

The following phone calls can be directly made from any other telephones in Mongolia once the emergency happens.